Thursday, October 06, 2005

A couple of photos

I posted a couple of photos below. They deserve a little more explanation.

First the photo of the Indian head. Our apartment has several rather odd decorations, but this one takes the prize for weirdest. For some reason the very nice people who rent us our apartment (and provided the furniture and decor) are really into native Americans, Japanese culture, clowns, and various nick-nacks from family events. I personally would remove such items from an apartment I was renting....

The photo from the patio is looking northeast. You can't see much, but a sea of rooftops and antennas and the street below. It looks nice at night, which is great since we love hanging out on our patio.

I went to the grand opening of Plaza yesterday. Plaza is the giant logistic park that my school is associated with. Find out more here:

They threw a pretty good party for it. Lots of good food and lots of wine and beer. In the US I can not imagine so many professionals drinking midday on a Wednesday.


Blogger Matt said...

hey jon

I've been checking in on your blog every now and again and i must say "nice job". It looks as though you and Melissa are having a good time. melinda and I are jealous of all the wine and festivals you get to enjoy. We would sure like to see a picture of your haircut.


11:08 PM  

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