Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pilar Update

Well Pilar is in full swing here in Zaragoza. I posted a few pictures of things that have happened so far. The strangest thing so far is the parade of the giant heads. Basically, a bunch of people dress up in costume wearing giant heads. All the kids and their parents walk with them in the parade. The Giant Heads then chase the kids around.... and hit them with huge whips!! They hit parents, young kids, and, their favorite to whip, preteens. They never hit too hard, and it is all in fun. Still they whip the children. It looked almost like a running of the children....

Well also went to a big Ocktober Fest. We misunderstood the schedule and showed up over an hour before it started though. So we were the first ones there, and got to take some good photos.

Besides that we have seen some other interesting things, lots of human statutes, parades of drunk people, random concerts, mini fairs of cheese and chorizo, traditional Aragonese singing and dancing, and lots of small parades of brass bands for various drinking clubs (peña) across the city.

I'll write more about it after it is all over.


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