Monday, November 28, 2005

Mel's First Turkey

So Thanksgiving went pretty well. There was a very good turnout at the event I went to. Melissa made her very first turkey that was enjoyed by all who attended. It turned out really well. There were a bunch of non-Americans there who we explained the history of Thanksgiving to. It is kind of an odd holiday once explained, but it is very true to its roots of being all about the food. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving in Spain

Well there is no Thanksgiving in Spain, no big surprise there.

Several members of my class have put together a Thanksgiving feast none the less. Although we are doing it on Friday instead of Thursday. We are even playing a little touch football on Saturday.

The interesting part of this is going to pick up the turkey. As Melissa and I have one of the few working ovens among the students, we were selected for cooking one of the three turkeys for the feast. Turkeys are hard to find in Spain, especially ones of a large size like you might find in the states. Anyway I went to pick up the turkey at this pretty random butcher shop near the center of town. My friend who was with me, and who thankfully speaks fluent Spanish, talks to them for a bit and then they bring out the birds...

Its a whole damn turkey with a good amount of feathers still on it. We watch as they cut off the head, neck, feet, pluck some feathers, and debate over which part of the wing to remove. It is a bloody affair conducted with an extremely large butcher knife (roughly the size of sword from my pirate costume).

Melissa is going to try and cook this thing some how. We shall see how it goes...

Monday, November 21, 2005

Quick Photo, in fancy new style

Eric, and I exploring the courtyard of the castle near Mel and mine apartment. This is the only way to get Eric on film, by having Melissa take sneak shots from behind. Posted by Picasa

Heading towards Finals

This semester has flown by, hard to believe I have finals in a couple of weeks. I still am buried under all the work I have, but it is not too bad. Not too much new has happened since I last wrote. Melissa has been working several nights a week now as an English teacher for a couple group of kids and one group of adults. She is not loving the work, but it makes the money situation a lot better for us.

Looking forward to my parents visiting us in less then a month now. I am looking forward to showing them around the city, and having lots of good meals and wine. We are then off to Paris after my classes get out and spending Christmas and New Year's there. After that I fly off to Boston for my month at Cambridge. That will be an interesting month as I should be interviewing a lot as we have a bunch of companies coming to recruit us and our counterparts at MIT proper.

I really need to get better at Spanish..... Melissa's dad is already studying hard so he will be better then me at Spanish by the time he visits in April. I think he is still mad I beat him at Ping Pong...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Busy Busy

Sorry for the lack of updates. Busy time of year in Zaragoza. I found out that Chinese food here is cheaper then going to the grocery store. My friend Eric Kleven was in town for almost a week, and he, Melissa, and I went out to Chinese food close to our apartment. For under thirty euros we had a 7 course meal, a bottle of wine, a bottle of plum wine, sparkling water, still water, and got a calendar. For those that know me and Eric, there was so much food that even we couldn't come close to finishing all the food. Not that is was the best Chinese food I have ever had, but it was good enough that I wanted to keep eating.

Beyond going out to Chinese food it was fun having Eric around for the week. Gave me a chance to get all my business talk out of me for awhile. Now Melissa can go at least a week or two without having to pretend to find my conversation (or is lecture a better word) about various business topics interesting. I think Eric had fun here, we showed him around a bit, drank way too much wine, and watched his collection of films and TV shows that were in English. I hadn't seen TV or a movie in English in almost three months, Melissa and I are now total Scrub addicts.

I'll try to write more for the next couple weeks to make up for this horrible dry spell.