Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving in Spain

Well there is no Thanksgiving in Spain, no big surprise there.

Several members of my class have put together a Thanksgiving feast none the less. Although we are doing it on Friday instead of Thursday. We are even playing a little touch football on Saturday.

The interesting part of this is going to pick up the turkey. As Melissa and I have one of the few working ovens among the students, we were selected for cooking one of the three turkeys for the feast. Turkeys are hard to find in Spain, especially ones of a large size like you might find in the states. Anyway I went to pick up the turkey at this pretty random butcher shop near the center of town. My friend who was with me, and who thankfully speaks fluent Spanish, talks to them for a bit and then they bring out the birds...

Its a whole damn turkey with a good amount of feathers still on it. We watch as they cut off the head, neck, feet, pluck some feathers, and debate over which part of the wing to remove. It is a bloody affair conducted with an extremely large butcher knife (roughly the size of sword from my pirate costume).

Melissa is going to try and cook this thing some how. We shall see how it goes...


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