Thursday, December 08, 2005

Finals Over, so I went Bowling

Finals are over! So I did what any American would do... I went bowling. I was very shocked last week when I found a bowling alley. After informing my classmates we soon made plans to go bowling at the next opportunity, which was the day we finished finals. So after a day with 6 hours of testing we proceeded to go directly to the bowling alley and paid way too much for a couple games of bowling. Melissa overcame her fear of bowling to join us as well (She ended up beating several of my classmates). It was a good way to relax after the finals.

Christmas is rapidly approaching which means I actually get to see my family for a little bit. My sister and parents are coming into town in less then two weeks.

The job search is continuing as well. I have an interview with Accenture, which would be good because I should be able to be in Seattle. Also have a bunch of interviews in January while I am at MIT.


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