Monday, January 30, 2006

Back in Zaragoza

Well I am back in Zaragoza again, so I decided to end my hiatus of blog entries. Maybe people will even start reading this again.

Anyway to fill everyone in on the past month or so, I spent Christmas in Paris with my parents, sister, and wife. We had a great time, although Paris was a little colder then expected. I especially liked the Louve and crepes with Nutilla. I have some pictures, and will post some here soon. We rented an apartment for the 8 days we were there. It was a couple blocks from Notre Dame and right in the middle of a good shopping and eating district. My dad took us out to an exceptionally nice dinner at Taillevent, probably the best meal I ever had. The most interesting part was the wine parings with each course. We had Sauternes with every course, which I never would have imagined doing myself. Sauternes with a spicy lobster, Sauternes with duck, Sauternes with fromage...

I could go on about Paris, but I'll move on to the next event.

After Paris, I went to Boston for the part of my program at MIT. Melissa got to go back home and visit family and friends. MIT was interesting. It doesn't have the classic college campus you would expect for such a well known university. We did recruiting visits with a couple dozen companies, which was pretty exhausting. It was a bit tough for me, because I really want a job on the west coast. Most of the companies there were recruiting for East Coast, Europe, or Asia. Beyond that we played the most complex computer simulation game I have been involved in. Of course I thoroughly enjoyed that. We still have one more round of the game before I find out if my team won.

Anyway I am back here in Zaragoza.


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