Sunday, February 12, 2006

Keeping busy

Well I can tell the weather here is starting to turn towards Spring. Not quite there yet, but I have shed the gloves and hat while keeping the big coat. This is good, because it gives Melissa and I a chance to do more things outside. Still waiting for the real nice weather to come though.

Anyway, life for me is pretty smooth. I am most concerned with the whole job search. So if any of you reading this happen to be looking (or know someone who is) for a supply chain analyst/manager with experience in the high tech industry be sure to give me an email (Especially in or around the Seattle area). Beyond that I have this thesis to write. It is looking pretty good so far. I think I talked at length about it in a past post.

As for life in Europe, Melissa and I are trying to plan a trip up to Amsterdam to visit my sister. We are looking at going in mid-march before tourist season, but after the cold season. We also want to go down to Seville at some point.


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